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Get to know the 20 Scouts vying for TOBS 2022 spots


Get to know the 20 Scouts vying for TOBS 2022 spots

TOBS 2022 Candidates

Every year since 1989, the Boy Scouts of the Philippines looks for ten outstanding Scouts to receive one of the most prestigious awards in Senior Scouting.

(Updated) TARLAC—It is the time of the year again when Scouts from different parts of the country compete to be included in one of the most prestigious awards a Senior Scout can get—the Ten Outstanding Boy Scouts of the Philippines.

The ‘search’ started in 1989 during the term of former Education Secretary and then Boy Scouts of the Philippines National President Dr. Isidro D. Cariño. It continued up to this year on its 32nd instalment. There was no search conducted in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year, 20 Scouts from nine Scouting regions will vie for the 2022 Ten Outstanding Boy Scouts of the Philippines. 

The Philippine Scout Tribune of the Amateur Media Association of Philippine Scouts decided to write this article to know more about the contenders in this year’s search.

Angeline Sevilla

Angeline Sevilla of Eastern Pangasinan Council is currently a Venturer Scout of Bautista National High School’s Outfit 337 and a Ten Outstanding Boy Scouts of the Philippines finalist from the Ilocos Region.

On her journey as a Scout, Sevilla picked up ideals and values centered on the Scout Oath and Law and has been striving to live by these ideals daily. In doing so, she sets a good example and role model for her peers and fellow Scouts in her institution and beyond.

This is Sevilla’s second bid for the prestigious award, and her confidence and determination have brought her to where she stands today. She is hopeful that this time, her services as a Scout will be recognized by her council and region and nationwide.

Her advocacies are green sustainability and water security.

Nico Fellinger

In his own words, Nico Fellinger is simply a fellow Scout, comrade, and student like everyone else.

Because of that, he can reach certain heights from which he may be capable of creating resolutions. One of his main advocacies is to keep a healthy community that the youth of today and tomorrow are responsible for being trusted to lead this community to the next generation.

“To elaborate on my advocacy, as we observe, our social community has been toxic where people have been drowned during the pandemic through different phases. This is where we, the youth, can help our community be made aware, be informed, and make a statement for them to understand; in such, we can create an amplified voice all together as one, the youth, responsible for the future that we were entrusted with.”

Fellinger served as Steering Committee Chairperson of the 2022 National Scout Youth Forum Luzon. He is a Scout Representative of the Angeles City Council and Central Luzon Region for 2022-2023.

Marco Alessandro Yuson

Marco Alessandro Yuson was born and raised in a family whose members are all dedicated to one thing: Public service. He was raised believing that honest, steadfast, loving aid and assistance to our fellowmen is one of the most outstanding deeds a man can do, a principle that, to this day, is still carved deep within his heart and mind.  

Yuson joined, aspired, and continued to serve in the Scouting movement because he was inspired by many young people’s acts of goodwill, service, heroism, and sacrifice, all in the name of positive change. Following his predecessors’ footsteps, he strived to become the best version of himself so that he, in his small ways, could become a beacon of light, a pillar of hope, and a guide for the youth to become servants of God, country, and fellowmen.

Yuson is currently a Senior Crew Leader of Outfit 1019 at Zaragoza National High School. He also served as Scout Representative of Nueva Ecija Council and later of Central Luzon Region for 2021-2022; he was also an Organizing Committee Secretary of the 2022 National Scout Youth Forum Luzon.

Andrew Emmanuel Robles

Andrew Emmanuel Robles is the first Eagle Scout of the Navotas City Council. He graduated from Navotas National High School and is taking his first year at Ateneo De Manila University. 

He has been a scout for 13 years, starting in 2009, and is the project Head of SALAD Navoteños: Scouts’ Aid for Low-Income and Distressed Navoteños. A scout-led community project utilizes the lettuce harvested from the GGC-BSP Navotas City Vertical Urban Farm into a healthy and affordable salad. This will be a source of funds for donation drives and outreach programs.

He advocates Food Security, Youth Empowerment, and Youth Leadership.

Mark Leo Sales

Mark Leo Sales from Mandaluyong Council is one of the five representatives of the National Capital Region in this year’s search. Sales is a proud advocate of alleviating the lives of the marginalized and accessible mental health care for all.

In early 2022, he started his project Programang Tungo sa Ikauunlad ng Kultura, Agrikultura, at Scouting or Programang TIKAS.

In his school community, he was the head of the Peer Facilitators Club, which was pivotal in promoting mental health development in the community.

Sales also received the Ave Maria Cross Award, Bronze Anahaw Award, and Mandaluyong City’s DepEd and City Mayor’s Office Leadership Award.

Ashley Mae Dela Cruz

Ashley Mae Dela Cruz is one of the few female contenders in this male-dominated search and the only female representative from the Southern Tagalog Region.

She joined the Boy Scouts of the Philippines in her early Junior High School years and has received numerous citations from their institution.

Moreover, she was an active volunteer for the PPCRV, an independent election watchdog, for the elections conducted in 2016, 2019, and 2022.

She is passionate about digital art, event coordination, and public speaking.

John Ryan Ilao

JR, to his friends, is an advocate for youth empowerment, gender equality, and environmental sustainability and protection. He was the former Council Scout Representative of the Quezon Council, the Regional Scout Representative of the Southern Tagalog Region, and the President of the Quezon Federation Supreme Student Government. As a student leader, student-athlete, journalist, drum & lyre member, and altar server, he transcends the boundaries and creates positive changes in the institution, community, and nation.

Jan Willem Pimentel

Jan Willem Pimentel advocates for youth empowerment, the environment, and health. He is one of the Regional Scout Representatives of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines – Southern Tagalog Region and an eagle scout from San Pablo City Council. He is the founding Executive Director of the first civic-related and youth-led organization in the Municipality of Alaminos. The current Deputy Director for Youth Engagement of Sulong San Pablo. A member of the Provincial Youth development council of Laguna and a founding member of the Alaminos Youth Development Council. Lastly, a member of the Youth Parliamentarians of Laguna.

He was awarded as the Natatanging Kabataan ng Alaminos 2021, Most Outstanding Student for Extension and Community Service 2022, Boy Scout Of the Year, and a consistent honor student from San Pablo City Science Integrated High School. 

Overall, he is a youth leader who exemplifies and promotes the unity of the youth in their community throughout the province of Laguna by sharing his advocacies with others for a better youth-oriented community that can be passed on to the next generation.

Kent Charles Namoro

Kent, an exuberant member of the Scouting movement, is a reliable representation of the ideals of Scouting. A decade since he was invested in the Scouting movement, he is coined by his peers as a skill-savant and natural-born leader molded by his experiences. A youth forumer at heart, he generally advocates for ease of life. Consistently being excellent in different aspects of life, he stands as a hopeful for this year’s search.

Johann Sebastian Capanas

Johann Sebastian Capanas is an Eagle Scout from Cebu Council, Eastern Visayas Region. He is a finalist in the 2022 Search for the Ten Outstanding Boy Scouts of the Philippines.

Capanas has been a consistent academic achiever from elementary to high school and is currently a Grade 12 STEM Student at Sacred Heart School-Ateneo de Cebu.

Apart from being an Academic Achiever, In 2021, Johann earned a ticket to represent EVR in the National Scout Youth Forum for Visayas 2021 as he was elected as the Regional Scout Representative for Eastern Visayas Region.

Aside from being an Eagle Scout and a former Regional Scout Representative from his region, he is also an Ave Maria Youth Cross Awardee which is the highest award bestowed by the Boy Scouts of the Philippines to its Catholic scouts who have done exemplary work in extending their service on the parish, the community, and their personal development. He ranked number 2 in their Board of Review for this award. 

Capanas is the Project Head of the Scouts for Change PROJECT, which aims to mobilize the youth into sustainable action against the most urgent concerns in the community. Through this project, the disinfection of public schools, scout memorabilia auctions, and the Trash2Cash drive, where they collected plastic bottles, containers, and tin/aluminum cans at home.

Therese Erlyn Napuli

Therese Erlyn B. Napuli is an Eagle Scout from Cebu Council, Eastern Visayas Region. She is a finalist in the 2022 Search for the Ten Outstanding Boy Scouts of the Philippines.

Napuli hails from St. Jude Acress, Bulacao, Cebu, and grew up as the only daughter of their household. She was awarded the High Distinction Academic Award at Sacred Heart School-Ateneo de Cebu. She is now a Grade 11 student at the same institution taking up the STEM track as she aspires to be a doctor someday.

In the recent Scout Youth Forum, Therese was elected as the Regional Scout Representative for Eastern Visayas Region. This position earned her a ticket to represent her region at the National Scout Youth Forum for the Visayas.

Aside from these achievements, Therese passionately advocates for Youth Empowerment and Leadership through Scouting. She pursues this advocacy through her project “Love to Learn: Learn to Earn,” which aims to aid Children in Conflict with the Law with their holistic development through Scouting values and skills.

Israel Hans Golez

Israel Hans Golez is an 18-year-old Eagle Scout from Iloilo Confessor Council, Western Visayas Region. He is a finalist in the 2022 Search for the Ten Outstanding Boy Scouts of the Philippines.

Golez was a consistent honor student from Elementary to High School and was given the distinction of “With Highest Honors” during their Junior High School Completion Ceremony. Aside from achieving academically in his institution, in their recent SSG Elections, Hans was elected as the SSG President for Academic Year 2022-2023.

He was also awarded as one of the Outstanding Students of Iloilo Awardees 2021. He was also given the TOSIA TOP CIRCLE, which is the Highest and Most Prestigious Award that TOSIA has coveted for the past 12 years.

Aside from these awards, Hans is also a record-holder for the longest-serving Council Scout Representative, as he was elected as the CSR several times. In 2021, he finally garnered the position of Regional Scout Representative for the Western Visayas Region and represented WVR in the National Scout Youth Forum 2021, serving as the Steering Committee Chairperson.

Hans is a passionate advocate for Community Development, and he champions this cause by doing various community services. One of the highlights of his motivation was his project named “Project Kasanag: Building a Sustainable Community through Solar Powered Lights” in Sitio Botlog Gamay, Brgy Tambaliza, Concepcion, Iloilo, which aims to give the people a sustainable source of light in their communities.

Jamber Alexis Idulsa

Jamber is an Eagle Scout from Bukidnon Council, Eastern Mindanao Region. He is one of the spearheads of The TreeBuk Project.

Jamber Alexis J. Idulsa is a student leader, student-athlete, student journalist, and student artist.

He is the incumbent President of Bukidnon National High School – Supreme Student Government. In the recently concluded Philippine Youth Convergence in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, he was elected as the National Lead Convener amongst 1700 student leaders nationwide.

He represented the Philippines in the Royal Bangkok Swimming Competition in Bangkok, Thailand, in 2019

He is a member of the Amateur Media Association of Philippine Scouts. He also finished his junior high school under the Special Program in the Arts – Music.

Lian Jon Santos

This is the second time that Santos will be competing for a spot as one of the Ten Outstanding Boy Scouts of the Philippines after failing to secure one from the previous year’s edition.

She was the former Regional Scout Representative preceding her fellow candidate Jamber Alexis Idulsa and a member of the Amateur Media Association of Philippine Scouts since 2021.

Datuyaman Datumanong

Datuyaman C. Datumanong is a Senior High School STEM student from Notre Dame University.

He is a proud Muslim and Bangsamoro Scout from Maguindanao-Cotabato City Council, Western Mindanao Region. He is also a current member of the United Voices for Peace Network of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. He is fond of reading and watching series.

Contributors: Joseph Avanceña, Ryan Labto, Chelsea Louise San Juan, Lorence Joshua Soto, Leann Muego, Samantha Jauco, JK Gamora

DISCLAIMER: All information published here is based on available information posted on public domains and provided by the candidates. As of this update, Scouts Elijah Esteban, John Jazper Luna, Christian Jiggs Mistica, Elisha Larrosa, and Shane Recomata has yet to respond to the requests of our writers.

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