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Broken, Defeated, and Belittled. Rising from the Ashes of Your Past

Mika Grace Regala


Broken, Defeated, and Belittled. Rising from the Ashes of Your Past
I have the drive to keep going, no matter how hard it becomes, and what others say. To all those who said I can’t, here I am. Rising from ashes to do even greater things.

The struggle is real for many women today. Women’s rights are not a given, and the fight for equality is never over.

Women must fight for their rights in many ways. They must fight for the right to vote, the right to work, and the right to be free from violence and harassment. And they must continue fighting for these rights every day.

It’s important that we don’t forget about our sisters who are struggling around the world – women who are denied basic human rights such as education, employment, and healthcare because of their gender.

We are All Fighting Demons

The world has always been a dangerous place for women, but it seems to have gotten worse in recent years. Women are assaulted on the street and raped by men they know. They are subjected to relentless harassment online. They are told their voices don’t matter, that their opinions don’t matter and that they should just shut up and smile.

This is not a new phenomenon: women have been fighting for equality since the beginning of time. But now we see it everywhere—in the workplace, in politics, in schools and universities. We see it on TV and online, in movies, and in music videos. Misogyny is so pervasive that we sometimes forget how much of our everyday lives it shapes: from what we wear to what we do to how much money we make.

Double standards are not just in our society, but in almost every society. They are seen when it comes to race, gender, sexuality, and more. Double standards are a way for people to take advantage of others by holding them up to different expectations than what is expected from those who do not belong to that group. The most common double standard is that men are viewed as strong while women are seen as weak.

Defeat Doesn’t Define Us

It is often used to empower women and encourage them to fight for their rights.

It has been used by Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and many other prominent figures in the feminist movement. Its message is that even if you are not successful at something, you should never give up on your goals because your defeat does not define who you are as a person.

We are all born to be conquerors, but the world has a way of telling us that we are not good enough. It tells us that we are not strong enough, smart enough, tall enough, or pretty enough. It tells us that we cannot have what we want because it is for the other girls who have better hair and more money.

Be the Unconquerable Woman You Are

The world is wrong. We can do anything and be anyone. We can conquer our dreams if only we believe in ourselves as much as we believe in anyone else’s dreams.

We, women, should not let the world dictate who we are and what we should be because we were born to be conquerors just like any other person on this planet.

I am Mika Grace Regala, broken, defeated, and belittled. I conquered everything and will conquer more. To all those who said I can’t, here I am, rising from the ashes of your past.

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